Sunday, February 21, 2010

Part 2: Greatest Amateur Boxing Tournament in Washington DC History?

As a follow up to my post about the 2001 Platinum Gloves is a playlists from year two. The sequel was just as exciting as the inaugural year and featured the best amateur boxers from DC and across the nation. Here are some of the titles of the featured boxers and my favorite bouts were the matchup between Russel and Brewer, both of which would win the National Golden Gloves just three years later at 119lbs. and 125lbs. respectively. The fight of the night and crowd favorite was local Maxell "The General" Taylor vs. #1 ranked boxer in the US at the time, Rock Allen from Philadelphia, PA.

2002 Platinum Gloves
  • 55lbs. Dusty Harrison (DC) - Natl. Silver Gloves, Natl. Jr. Golden Gloves
  • 65lbs. Antonio Magruder (DC) - Natl. Jr. Olympics, Natl. Silver Gloves
  • 13-year-old 90lbs. Gary Russell Jr. (DC) - 2008 Olympian, Natl. Golden Gloves, Natl. Jr. Olympics, US Nationals, 2005 World Championship bronze medalists
  • 13-year-old 90lbs. Prenice Brewer (Cleveland, OH) - Natl. Golden Glove
  • 112lbs. Dominic Wade (DC) - 4-time Natl. Silver Gloves and 4-time Natl. Jr. Olympic
  • 135lbs. Willie Nelson (Cleveland, OH ) - Under-19, 2005 World Amateur Champion
  • 135lbs. Miguel Gonzalez (Cleveland, OH) - Natl. Silver Gloves, 4-time Natl. PAL and US Future Stars Champion
  • 147lbs. Rock Allen (Philadelphia, PA) - 2004 Olympian, Natl. Golden Gloves, US Championship
  • 147lbs. Maxell Taylor (Baltimore, MD) - Natl. Golden Gloves runner-up
  • 156lbs. Tiger Allen (Philadephia, PA) - Natl. Golden Gloves runner-up
The combined professional records of these featured boxers is 94-6 (56 KOs).

Gary Russell Jr: 8-0 (5 KOs)
Dominic Wade: 5-0 (5 KOs)
Prenice Brewer: 14-0 (6 KOs)
Tiger Allen: 3-0 (2 KOs)
Rock Allen: 15-0 (7 KOs)
Maxell Taylor: 13-2 (6 KOs)
Miguel Gonzales: 7-2 (6 KOs)
Willie Nelson: 13-0 (8 KOs)
Kevin Cagle: 16-2 (12 KOs)

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