Saturday, June 5, 2010

2010 East Central USA Regional Tournament Results

Competing for an opportunity to advance to the US National Championships in July in Colorado, Potomac Valley (PVA) hosted the Mid Atlantic Association, West Virginia Association, Virginia, South Atlantic Association and the Alleghany Mountain Association at the University of Maryland's Ritchie Coliseum. The results from the first day of action is below:

114lbs. Championship Antonio Russell (PVA) def. Emanuel Foley (MAA)

123lbs. Glen Dezurn (SAA) def. Prientekes Sanders (WVA)
123lbs. Shadeed Floyd (PVA) def. Vidal Rivera (MAA)

132lbs. Female Championship Jesse Owen (VA) def. Sharlene Mendez (MAA)
132lbs. Kevin Harris (VA) def. Joel Young (PVA) by RSC
132lbs. Gregory Wilkerson (AMA) def. Omar Douglas (MAA)

141lbs. Female Championship Samantha Griffith (AMA) def. Triva Pino (VA)
141lbs. Tony Romano (AMA) def. Anthony Gregory (VA)
141lbs. Michael Reed (PVA) def. Naim Nelson (MAA)

152lbs. Moshea Aleem (VA) def. De Carlo Perez (MAA)
152lbs. David Grayton (PVA) def. Andreas Kamouyerou (AMA)

165lbs. Rashad Brown (MAA) def. Aaron Cardouas (AMA)
165lbs. James Seymour (VA) def. Gregory Weaver (WVA)

178lbs. Championship Jerry Odom (PVA) def. Jaquay Lutz (AMA) by RSC

201lbs. Championship Joe Liles (SAA) def. Keith Robertson (VA)

201+ Danny Kelley (PVA) def. Edward Latimore (AMA)
201+ Mark Rideout (MAA) def. Jerry Forrest (VA)

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